Author: Alex Recker

Krang is a culture of wild yeast started during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. He shares a name with the TMNT villain who resembles a giant brain.




It takes 5-10 days to make a starter from scratch, but all you need is flour and water. The smell with get worse, then better.

  1. Add flour and water into a non air tight jar 1. Stir, ensuring that all the flour is wet.

  2. Set aside in a warm place.

  3. Repeat the feeding daily until the starter becomes gassy, smells fragrant, and resembles toasted marshmallow. It may smell like old shoes for a while, but keep going. If any pungent, boozy liquid forms on top, pour it off before conducting the feeding.

  4. Once starter doubles in size throughout the day after a feeding, it is ready to use.


Recommended feeding schedule is daily at 9 AM, or weekly if kept in the fridge at 9 AM. Starter will rise throughout the day, peaking between 7-8 PM (which is a great time to start a loaf of bread).

  1. Give the mixture a stir, then weigh 113 g of starter into a bowl.

  2. Stir in 113 g of water.

  3. Discard the rest of the starter remaining in the jar by rinsing with hot water in the sink. Add starter and water mixture back into the clean jar.

  4. Add 113 g of flour and stir until all the flour is moist.

  1. should be loose enough to allow gas to escape, but covered enough to keep fruit flies out.